Spring training

The past week I have been trampling snow on the mountains. It all started last Thursday, when I hooked up with friends who train year round. We met at the gym at 9:30 a.m. and drove to the Lost Lake trailhead. From there, we hiked the steep hills and ran the flatter parts, all packed down into a foot-and-a-half wide trail by snowmachines. As we gained elevation, the mountains around us turned from a creamsicle color to orange juice and by the time we reached the Dale Clemens cabin the sun had popped up like an Eggo waffle. For the first time since September there’s actually a bit of pep and warmth to the light. We took in the view of Resurrection Bay and all the mountains around us. Then we flew back down.

I was addicted from then on. Besides needing to train for summer races, I need the daylight and bright snow just to keep me from feeling like I’m sleepwalking.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I was without a vehicle the next day so resorted to a grayish run around town. I google-mapped my route the other day — 4.5 miles. The run is a basic loop from my house along 2nd avenue to the SeaLife Center, and back along Waterfront Park and through the harbor. The second it was over, major lactic acid settled in my quads. That’s what I get.


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