The backyard situation

Epic BBQ is in four days. I’m waiting two more days to help Mama Nature with the thaw, but I’ve been getting things started. I located the woodstove/firepit this morning, and marked it with a tree branch:

X marks the spot

The top!

Then I cleared around the top and sides. In a day or two we’ll dig it out and light a fire, which will (hopefully) melt a nice ring around it.

The creek is making a small appearance as well:


The guesthouse is free and clear, though we still need to dig out the door to the greenhouse.



Two more days before I give up and totally shovel the yard. Cross your fingies that I won’t have to.

4 Responses to “The backyard situation”

  1. My fingies are crossed. Shoveling snow does not sound fun at all!

  2. I will cross toes too!

  3. Hey there lady. Backyard situation looks pretty similar to when I made my journey south… Holding my breath until it thaws! Have a good time at your EBBQ, wish I could join you.

  4. Reading this I started singing some music of denali songs in my head instantly… in particular I wanna marry an alaskan man. Girl you be loco! Dyin to see you and your wacky alaskan man and home.

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